The Robots

Meet Big Rig, Droid, Retro, Piston and Clunky.  With a range of styles, each provides a different opportunity for acting and action.


Clunky has a vintage feel, with the charming proportions and colors of a bygone era. The eyes are an especially fun setup, with functionality reminiscent of  The Iron Giant‘s eyes.  


Modern, agile, compact and canny.  Say hello to our little friend, Droid-27!  


With a delightful combination of heritage scifi design elements, Retro is ready to explore the edge of the known universe. 

Big Rig

Big Rig adds strength and scale to any scenario.  Friendly or fierce, Big Rig is a powerful asset and ally.


Piston’s design is equal parts futuristic and familiar.   

"That's it!"

Animated by Brock Rockwell

Clunky discovers a Butterfly

Animated by Brock Rockwell

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