About Our Rigs

Exceptional Design And Functionality.

ProRigs Key Features

ProRigs characters are created by talented artists from some of the most successful animation studios in the world;  Dreamworks, Disney, Pixar and Sony among others.  ProRigs are developed for Maya, professionally engineered to a feature film standard and designed for exceptional functionality.  All of this diligent work is done with the intention of building a dynamic and robust rig, that works equally well for animators of all skill levels.  Appealing in design and consistent in quality. Our rigs are easy to use and affordable for all – because your rig shouldn’t stand in the way of your animation. 

Listed below are the features that make the greatest difference in the rig performance and functionality.

We’ve paid special attention to the rig setup, to ensure that these features don’t slow down your playback speed while you work.  We think you’re going to enjoy all the great features, and the ease with which you are able to work with these characters. 

ProRigs - Maya Compatible


ProRigs Characters are compatible with MAYA 2022-2024 on Windows PC and macOS platforms (Linux not supported).


ProRigs Characters come with Arnold Shaded versions, for the option to reference in when you are ready to Render.

  • Controls are intuitively designed and easy to use. Body & Face Picker included
  • Stretchy Arms, Legs, Spine and Neck
  • Pose Mirroring
  • Open Scale on All Body Parts
  • Squash and Stretch on ALL Features
  • Bend Controls on Legs and Arms and Spine
  • Isolation Controls to Keep Poses Solid
  • Easy on/off Control Visibility
  • Easy Geometry Visibility Toggle
  • Constraint Supported and Ready
  • FULL Foot Control
  • Super Slick Finger Control
  • Elbow and Knee Pinning
  • Seamless IK/FK Switching
  • Lightweight and Blazing Fast
  • The RGB color system tool allows for fast and easy change of colors on virtually all surfaces of our character rigs.
  • Advanced Spine Setup without IK Popping
  • Super Smooth Eyelid Controls with emotion control
  • Adjustable Eyelid Tracking
  • Eyelid Twisting
  • Eye Scaling
  • Skull Controls, Top and Bottom
  • Cheek, Chin and Cheek Bone Controls
  • Tongue Controls from Jaw
  • Full Mouth Corner Control
  • IK/FK Arms
  • IK/FK Legs

We stand behind the quality of our work.

Each character is rigorously tested by professional animators.  Should you experience any problems with ProRigs characters, please send us a message here, describing the issue you are experiencing.  We will be happy to fix any quality issues in our rigs.