Casting calls
MADE easy

Bring Your Story To Life.


These loveable oddballs are our inspiration for the adventures, mischief, and delight of childhood.  Let’s play!


Come visit the animals!  With a traditional Disney-like appeal, these characters are designed with graphic style and captivating movement in mind.  


Welcome to the family!  Explore the chaos and joys of family life, with our Family characters.  Each brings something special to the table – Dig in! 


Meet our first couple, Mae & Frank!  Watch this space for more couples to join in the fun.  We’ve got some wonderfully exciting friends coming to the party.

Kennel Club Concept Art

These furry companions get along famously.  Meet our four-legged friends.


Meet Big Rig, Droid-27, Clunky, Retro and Piston!  With a range of styles, each provides a different opportunity for acting and action.


Along with these wonderful Full Body characters comes the classic Bouncing Ball with Tail, Ball with Legs, and the unforgettable Pendulum!