The Zoo

With a traditional Disney-like appeal, these characters are designed to achieve graphic poses as well as robust, captivating movement.


Introducing our newest character rig, the Lion!


No matter the mood, Gorilla commands the scene with his size and stature.  There’s no end to the range of performance here. 

Adult Elephant

Adult Elephant’s delightful design style brings back our fond memories of the elephants we met in “The Jungle Book”.  

Baby Elephant

Cuteness overload!  Get your hands on those floppy, baby ears;  they can be shaped however you like them!


With his large and small shapes, and flexible design, Monkey has a lot to give you.   


Orangutan is powerful and graceful.  Loads of fun in motion and enjoyable to watch at ease.

Facial Test

Facial expression test done with our monkey rig

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