Help Videos

To Guide You Through The Process.

Getting Started

We've Created Tutorial Videos to Guide you through ProRigs FAQ's.

How To Install ProRigs

This video tutorial will guide you through installing the ProRigs Maya Plugin which is mandatory to use with ProRigs.

How To Install The Picker

This video tutorial will guide you with installing the optional picker for a better ProRigs Maya experience.

How To Use RGB Color System

This video tutorial will help you understand how to use ProRig’s innovative RGB lighting system, to easily change colors on virtually all surfaces of the character.

How to Transfer Your License

This video will guide you in the steps required to transfer your ProRigs license to another computer. 

Tutorial Videos To Guide You Through The Rig

How To Customize Textures

This video tutorial will help you understand how to customize the textures on ProRigs characters.

ViewPort 2.0 Fix

This video tutorial shows how to correct for certain rigs looking unusual or interacting with lighting strangely in ViewPort 2.0

Base Attributes, what's the deal?​

Getting to know the Base Ctrl

Those little boxes by the hands and feet.

Understanding how to use the settings controls

Get those fingers & toes wiggling.

Set driven key finger attributes

Breathe in... breathe out...

Additional chest functions

Align? I just want to follow.

How to switch the control space

Can your shoulders "twist" and shout?

Allowing twist on the shoulders

Those big beautiful brows!

The functionality of a four control brow

Eyes are the windows to the soul.

Setting up the eye attributes

Eye sockets for that extra touch.

Eye socket deform use cases

What big ears you have there.

Multi ear control setup

Put your pants on!

Working with clothing extras

Deform your rig, don’t let your rig deform you.

Head, body and face deform controls and attributes

That's all folks!​

Thank you and until next time…