The Basics by ProRigs

The Basics

The Basics are here to help you hone your body mechanics, so your performances will shine.  We offer a range of shapes and sizes for greater exploration of  human physicality.

This collection is great for mastering essential body mechanics, practicing realistic or caricatured physicality, pantomimes, or working out complex action sequences. 

These characters have been modeled in a non-segmented style, for more realistic range of movement and greater performance opportunities.  The facial description and body shapes have been minimized, providing the essential planes for indicating direction and tracking movement.

Intro Basics

Ball with Legs, Ball with Tail, and Pendulum.

Ball With Tail

Ball with Tail comes with different options: use it with a tail, a chain, or a balloon!

Giant Man

Athletic Man

Athletic Woman

Adult Man

Adult Woman

Young Woman

Young Man

Heavy Man

Heavy Woman

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